Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In case you missed it

In 2008 I had fun with Seriously Bent in my last semester of college. I performed. I went to the Cape with them (that was fun...). I once put on Trevor's sweater and somehow wandered away from his party and ended up in the North End wearing that oversized sweater and holding a bottle of whiskey. I read Nick Wilson's high school journals, and I watched secret movies with the Secret Movie Club (Eigeman, where have you been all my life?)

I graduated in 2008. From college! I walked across the stage and heard Julia yelling "OOOOH OOOOOOH" as I did it. I celebrated my birthday, my graduation and getting a new job all in one weekend.

Oh, I got a job! Like, the day after I graduated. Which is nice. I make money, now. (And invest a lot of it in Starbucks.) Which is good since we're in a recession and people are getting laid off all over the place. Which is sad, because I lost great friends at my work due to this :(

I made new friends. I quit Improv, I went back to Improv, I performed in probably the most fun set of House Teams there has ever been. I filmed sketches with Babyface and Casey and I'm now a YouTube video star.

I went to New York four times! In March with Nick Mandella where we had fabulous witty banter and a romantic dinner at Ruth's Chris. I went three times over the summer to visit Betsy who lived there then. Once I met up with Steve and his nephew who he continually calls his cousin but it is not, once I saw August: Osage County (amazing), once I ate at Ruth's Chris again, once I saw Gypsy, once Janine threw up on the sidewalk, and once Betsy left her iPhone in a cab, once I took the train there (best thing I've ever done) and once I had a terrible flight back, after several terrible bus rides.

I went to Las Vegas for a few days, and it was my first time flying out west. The furthest I had gone was Chicago - but now I have gone further. Like to Vegas! Which is where I went! And ate at Mon Ami Gabi and watched the Bellagio water show while eating steak and drinking martinis. I also drank a giant Eiffel tower filled with Pina Colada and lost money in slot machines and saw tigers.

I went to Chicago! Evan surprised me there! Evan and Jeremy are tricky bastards... who I love very much! I went out to a dueling piano bar and put on a show with Julia which consisted of crazy dancing and people taking pictures of us like we were some sort of celebrities... or just stupid girls they wanted to laugh about later. I also saw a ton of improv - including TJ Jagadowski and Tracy Letts and had a workshop with Susan (Debra) Messing.

I strained my neck. I sprained my ankle. I got several cuts and bruises. I flirted with a cute bartender. I made friends at work. I drank too much on work nights and not enough on the weekends. I hung out in an alley. I walked in on Trevor and his girlfriend doing it. Evan left me for LA (and came back), Julia left me for Wolfboro, and Dana got married.

All in all, 2008 was quite a year.

Here's to a happy 2009!

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