Tuesday, December 9, 2008

School Yard Crush

Dear God, I have a crush on someone. It's like a school girl crush. The kind of crush where I get giggly and socially awkward.

Yesterday I received a compliment, and I got SO red and awkward... the response sounded something like... "KJdwkjflkwjef hw;y, yeah, weriekf giggle, dhksjfh fghkhd ah a" Certainly no complete sentence left my mouth.

I also find it really hard to be myself. Not like, I have to impress in someway, but more like, if I act funny and sassy and witty - how I would normally interact with someone - I feel like I'm being lame. Like, "Oh, you're too funny, I can't crack jokes to you because you're so funny and my sense of humor wouldn't make you laugh." Which is weird because 98% of the time I hang out with improvisers and comedians - and I never get too intimidated to be funny with them. And this guy doesn't even do comedy!

But I think it's funny. I haven't found myself in this type of crush since... well, a long time. Most of my crushes are like... much easier. Flirting and the usual. But I can't even make it to that. My brain freezes so much that I can't even SAY FULL WORDS, nevermind try to flirt.

It's not even like a "I want to date you" crush, it's just fun to be in a little kid crush world right now.


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