Saturday, December 6, 2008

Smatty Glarrett

Things I learned this week:

1. I hate when Trevor is in the hospital. And I'm never speaking about it again cause Steve and I were talking about it on Sunday night, and then the next day I found out he was in the hospital again. Dear God. :(

2. My favorite moment of nights when Jeremy is in a show is when party quirks or interrogation is happening. Little quirky, bitchy bits are what I live for.

3. People are unbelievably dumb when they drink. A girl just walked into the kitchen and was like "Where do I go?? How do I get back in the theater??" How about the way you came out of it?

4. I don't know how to bottle my hatred without being a total bitch.

5. Situations never change if you stay in them and don't let them change. Makes perfect sense, but it doesn't when you're in one. I hate it. I hate situations. All of them.

6. Sleeping for any amount of time under 6 hours is just plain ridiculous and unnecessary. Although, going out three or four nights in a week on a work night and CHOOSING to sleep less than 6 hours... that's just plain idiotic. Especially if there are zero redeeming benefits.

7. Teeth are the worst. Thank God mine look nice or else I would chop them all off.

8. When Jim Geraghty shows up... life gets better.

9. Lunch breaks are awesome because any opportunity to sneak away from the office for a little bit is worth taking. Especially if you ultimately just end up shopping with Roberto. Or a co-worker of yours, not Roberto in your case. Unless you want to go shopping with him - he probably will.

10. I live and breathe bits. And sometimes I trip over them and hurt my knee and ankle.

In addition, I just met a "Matty Barrett". I said, "Hi Matty Barrett - I'm Patty Barrett." and then I realized I was retarded.

There were THREE ticket orders under "Barrett" tonight. That never happens.

I bet they don't Barr-et-all like me, though!

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