Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

Last night was my work's holiday party and it was a wonderful time. Between dancing, karaoke, open bar, getting molested, going on a mission for Shannon & then dragging her off the bathroom floor, fighting off creeps, three bars, etc etc etc. Somewhere in all that I lost my voice. I woke up and I tried to speak and nothing came out. Just tiny whispers and a mix between a little boy going through puberty and an old female smoker, or Julia.

It was kind of funny, especially when a man came in and was fighting with me about something and I was trying to defend myself because he basically kept threatening me, but I sounded like a child squeaking, "Stop yelling at me!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh, it was the worst. It's always funny when someone who does event promotions for a living and lives check to check and can't get direct deposit because he doesn't even have a BANK account says to me, "This isn't even a real job - all you're sitting here doing is instant messaging people... what kind of company is this?!?" Really? Really? Great.

So that was fun. Lunch w/ Roberto and Shannon was fun. Getting out of work early and sleeping all afternoon was fun.

Did I mention I love my work? I always thought my relationship with IA people was strange, as if we were more like a weird fucked up family than co-workers. And sure, AMP is definitely not IA. But, it's kind of similar. My job is sort of the same... and the people are kind of similar, too. Everyone's hilarious. There are constant bits. It's creative. We get to wear whatever we want. It's basically the same culture and atmosphere... except it doesn't smell like rat. So that's good. I'm glad I've got two groups of co-workers that are wonderful.

I have been in bed all day and I'm not apologizing for it. I just bought myself something online though because I bought my sister a present and I'm jealous of it so I bought something similar for myself. Such is life.

Anyway. Happy snow day. Remember that movie Snow Day? I bet Trevor does.

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