Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Very Roberto Christmas

This is the background to my computer at work.

It's Roberto.

There was an email sent out yesterday about the heat in our building - and that picture was attached to it with a note that said, "If you need extra layers, Roberto has plenty to share."

It was also sent to me seperately because the person who took it, Kevin, knew I'd love it.

And I do. Everytime I see it I crack up.

I'm at work on Christmas Eve and it ain't so bad. We have champagne and orange juice. I get to listen to the sounds of the thickest Boston accent I've heard in a very long time near me. I hear the squeeking of Roberto's shoes as he hops down the hall because the blisters on his feet hurt. I hear the jingling of keys. And I'm currently listening to "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Barbara Streisand on my iPod dock. And now it's B2K sing Christmas rap. Dropping hot beats on Christmas Eve, yo.

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