Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Woo girl.

Last night, after auditioning with Kirsten for the NXT cast, we decided to go out for a drink (or two) until we heard back from Chormy (Chet, Norm, Jeremy) saying we got a call back or not. We were both high on life, just happy, so we didn't want to go straight home and wait. It seemed like a good idea - but what if we were together and some of us DIDN'T get called back... that would have been weird. Luckily, I was WAY too drunk to even pay attention to what was going on around me.

Here's the thing... (we started out friends!)

Kirsten and I (and Evan) went to the Green Dragon and to celebrate where we were in our improv, we decided to have a shot. I said, "Lugs, we want a shot!" and he said, "What kind?" and I said, "Anything!" and then he got creative and came up with some milky/White Russiany shot which A) Evan would love because it looked like dessert and B) certainly wasn't Vegan, which Kirsten is. I'm ruining her life.

Then Evan left and Kirsten and I got to talking. And let me tell you, I don't hang out with many girls! Besides like... Jules, Kel, Jenny (and my home girls) - I'm mainly surrounded by male friends. I have become a strange person because of it, too. I'll say overtly sexual or crude things because of these men... or worse. But Kirsten's great. And we had a heart to heart - and then we met AJ.

AJ bought K and I 3 shots and a drink each. This was on top of our first shot and first drink. People started showing up. . . Evan, Quinn, Craig, Keith, Nick Mandella, Matt and Casey, Stephen, Danny, Brendan, Thomas, etc. etc. and I had all of my friends with me and my fave bartender.. and then my friends started doing standup for comedy night, it was literally like... the perfect night.

Except for the fact I was totally and completely inebriated.

And I pulled a Roberto (which is to say I was very handsy.) And I'm pretty sure my fave bartender hates me now - but at least I paid my bill this time and remember doing so. I also remember the call from Jeremy Brothers, from the Improv Asylum, so that's good.

I don't like being drunk, I've decided. And I don't like it almost as much as I hate waking up the next day feeling guilty and stressed. I get so apologetic and feel weird and delete all of my text messages so I don't have to see what I wrote to people - and I delete people from my phone so I never call them or text them again. It's a weird, guilty experience that just isn't worth it. Especially with my father being an alcoholic and seeing a lot of how he acts when he's drunk in myself (although, DEFINITELY not to the extreme... I don't remember ever throwing chairs or Burger King at walls.)

I'm Irish Catholic through and through. But, I love improv. So much. So I'll quit drinking for it. (Don't hold me to that.)

BUT, I'd like to completely erase all the weird parts of the evening and think about how awesome my group of friends are. Love you all.

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Nick said...

We love you!

Wooooaahhh drunk Patty, bam-a-lam.

"Niiiick, you smell good, your smell reminds me of home! (arg arg arg (biting neck))"


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