Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Googling Me.

When you Google Image Search "Patty Barrett", here is what you find.

A picture I took of the theater. In 2006, apparently, because the seats were still red. And it was linked to a site called "Go Boston Card", a site I have never heard of. Nor was I asked permission for use of my picture... nor do I even know where they found it!

Lady Lettuce Face

Tina Fey... now if only I could get my picture to show up on her google image searches!! So she could say, "Who is this lovely lady creep who has a weird crush on me??"

Redcoats... this came with the caption, "Patty rams the charge home." You're right I do. Clearly this is due to my love of Johnny Tremain and The Green Dragon.

And finally, an actual picture of me. Which was linked from Harry Gordon's Myspace and not my own. So, that's weird.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there were any pictures of you on the internet from before you dyed you hair red and went through the surgery. Lets hope the next Real World is ready for a post-op transvegetable. Because its your time to shine!

Yeah that is my second transvegetable joke. But I have millions of them. MILLIONS.

The last picture of the real you is one of my favs.


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