Thursday, January 8, 2009

i do this

here are some crappy videos i'm in.

i like doing this.

A funny story behind these videos goes like this.

So, I find out we're filming our Halloween video in Newburyport. My aunt lives in Newburyport and owns a popular bagel shop there, so I'm there all the time and have been all my life.

We get to the location - and it's in this... well, basically a mansion. One I've ogled since I was a child. Then I tell the director, who lives in this mansion, about my aunt and he knows the place and says he knows someone who works at her shop.

Fast forward to a few weeks later when my mother (who works at the shop) says to me, "I saw "Candy Rape" the other day!" all excited. The guy Mike knew showed my mom, among others. Then months later my mom says to my aunt, "Go to YouTube and search for 'Candy Rape'"

Just... strange. And odd. Can everyone stop saying rape?

Anyways - yeah.

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