Monday, January 26, 2009

It's The One Good Thing That We've... GOT

This morning I came into work after a very rough night. Rough meaning I tossed and turned all night until about 5:30am… and then woke up at 7:15am. Everything was keeping me up… I was stressing over everything and anything… even down to whether or not I transmitted the credit card machines at IA on Saturday night. My brain is just creating things to be stressed about.

Roberto had the same problem so when we came into work (dressed in similar outfits… all black and white, mourning our happier lives when we slept decently) we were both in a “Ugh, I don’t even feel like dealing with this today” attitude. We decided to take our allotted hour lunch break and spend time with each other and not work.

Coming back from a week of vacation – this was totally necessary. Oddly, I came in and there wasn’t a pile of shit for me to do… but I did have 106 emails to sort through and answer.

We had lunch at Pizzeria Regina, which is a step from our office (God I wish I still lived in my old apartment which is right above Regina’s!) and we ordered little pizzas and pretended we were NOT working and were in Italy. Or well, I did. Roberto I’m not so sure about.

But, I got to thinking about work and freedom. The job I have right now isn’t “stressful”. I mean, it certainly can be – there are definitely days I want to jump off the balcony and dive into the beautiful view of Boston and just die. BUT – all in all, I have a simple job and little responsibility so that I have a lot of flexibility to take days off for improv/creative things… or vacations… or lunch breaks. But so many people here don’t have that freedom. It’s half hour lunch, IF THAT, and it’s better to eat at your desk while doing more work. So many people stay late and work really hard – there’s a lot of dedication.

But, as much as I know I could be doing something a lot more challenging, and sometimes I wish for a bigger challenge, I sort of appreciate what I have. I’m slightly busy in my personal life with shows and rehearsing and filming – I wouldn’t be able to commit to these things with such a hectic, stressful and busy work schedule. So, I fully appreciate the fact that I’m making a good salary for someone my age with total freedom to do whatever the fuck I want right now.

I love this company and I have so many aspirations and someday I want to find a job I’m really dedicated to that I don’t mind spending 14 hour days doing – but that’s not where I am right now, but I’m in a good place.

So here’s to more one hour lunch breaks while I can actually take them!

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