Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Snowing Improv

Yeah, I was drunk on Saturday night. And yeah, I probably made a fool of myself... but hey, guess what, I kinda love that man and I was excited for him and sad at the same time - so I'm not apologizing for anything! Guess what people... that's who I am! Sometimes I do stupid things and sometimes I say stupid things... but it's rarer than you think - I'm a smart lady.

I spent the majority of my weekend playing with my Blackberry and brooding. In my new square friendship with Evan, Casey and Matt, I've learned that Evan and Matt are criers (is that a word?) and Casey and I are brooders. I brood.

Here's a lesson kids... and you can take this with a grain of salt because I'm absolutely wonderful at giving out advice that I never take or follow. But anyway... if someone says, "Don't tell anyone we're hanging out." or even better - "Don't tell anyone we're having sex." (This is not an example from my life) Then you probably shouldn't hang out with them, or hook up with them for that matter. It's completely degrading. More girls need to have some self respect. And with that note, if someone says, "I don't want a relationship." then they're lying. They do. Just not with you. So pack up your self respect, don't brood, and enjoy your life. Ooh Ooh! Gonna be okay, dauidyhsgdaysdoias... just dance. What? Ok. Moving on.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon/evening 3-way iming via BBM - blackberry messenging - with Julia and Kelly. I was at Target, Julia was ironing, and Kelly was at Border Cafe but it was like we were WITH EACHOTHER! I love them. And most of all, I love technology.

The most exciting thing ahead for me this month? IMPROV. I have the absolute BEST house team! I have the best acts lined up for the Seriously Bent Festival - Awkward Compliment and Secret Movie Club? Yes please! All of this goodness makes me happy that improv-related things turned out the way they did. I'm on top of the world.

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