Monday, January 12, 2009

Lunch Lady

I went to lunch with Roberto recently, and on the way back to the office, a woman stopped us and said, "Do you know where the bus stop is?? I've been looking and waiting!"

I said, "Yup - if you keep walking down here, it's right in front of the building."

So, we had no choice but to walk with this woman. She then went on to talk about how expensive Boston was and she asked about the area. I said, "Yeah we just moved over here." And sure, we did. We used to "live" on Canal Street but we just moved to North Washington Street 2 months ago. She said, "Where were you before?" and I pointed across the street and showed her.

This killed her. She got all angry and mom-like and was like, "Do you know how expensive it is??? Why don't you move outside of the city?? You must have a ton of people living in one place!" And then, I realized I gave her the impression that we lived and not worked in the city. So of course I went with it.

"Yeah we have like 100 people in there."
"100 people?!?! You're kidding right!"
"Yeah, I was embellishing... but really like 15."
"What! Move out of the city... it's not worth it!!"
"Yeah, I know, but it's so convenient!"
"You'd be surprised... have you ever heard of Craigslist?"
"Look on Craigslist! The bus is here, good luck!!!"

And then I went up to my "apartment" where around 100 other people live comfortably and awesomely because our new digs are pretty effin sweet.

The weird thing is I get this a lot. When I lived in Boston people were so confused about it - and when I live outside of the city and take cabs home they tell me I'm smart. I just feel ambivalent. I could do either. I have no qualms about throwing my money away for convenience! But no, Everett here I am. For now.

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