Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scarecrow....I'm gonna miss you most of all....

I'm going to dedicate this blog entry (I said entry this time, Jeremy!) to Michael Anastasia, who has been my friend, my mentor, my co-sad alcoholic, my improv teacher and director, and so much more.

Last night I went to the Asylum thinking, "Yay! Fun times ahead!" and I officially ended my night standing alone in the middle of a snow storm waiting for a cab and balling my eyes out. I think that says a lot about how much he means to me.

What with the way he eats Chinese food when he's sad. Saying, "Patty, should I order Chinese food?" "No." "OK, I'm gonna order some Chinese food..." and then he gets the Chinese food, and puts Spiderman on the big screen then calls me into the theater to ask my opinion on the phallic shape of Gatorade bottles.

To the way he jumps on the back of my car and makes me drive him down Salem Street... and when I say, "No!" he goes, "PATTY! FASTER! PATTY! PATTY! DRIVE!!! DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO FASTER!!!!!"

Or the constant reminder that I'm less fun now that I don't live in the North End.

Oh, I could go on for days about this crazy mother fucker (who's straight out of NEWTON). Except he's not, that's a line from a former closer. I've seen him happy, angry, silly, mad, drunk, sober, furious... and I know all his little ticks and idiosyncrasies and they are what make him Mike and they are all the reasons I love him - or else I wouldn't have so many bits!

And he has seen me grow up and mature and has been like a brother to me for the past 3 and a half years of my life... so, it is very sad for me to see him go. But he's moving on to bigger and better things! He's packing all his pop culture references in bags, putting on his shades, painting one fingernail awesome, styling his faux hawk and getting the F out of here...

Ladies of LA watch out!

And so... with that... I say, "Bye kitten!" and "WHACHU KNOW ABOUT MOVING TO LA?!?" for the very. last. time. (No, I'm sure there'll be more times. When I'm your personal assistant!)

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