Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time Out

This week has been spent not at work. Which has been wonderful, and something I could totally get used to. It's 1am on a Wednesday and instead of being in bed - I am watching Sex and the City, blogging, drawing, downloading music, talking to people online, and missing warmer weather in Vegas.

Vegas, by the way, was great. I felt a little bad, or guilty, because we did the same things... every single night. I mean, we'd switch it up a little bit - but generally did the same places every night. We couldn't help it. We have favorites... and we stuck with them. But whatever, it was my vacation and if I have my own "Vegas routine" then that's okay - I enjoy it. I even enjoyed sleeping until 2 or 3pm and watching TV forever... like iCarly and Spongebob and King of Queens and Cash Cab. It's Vegas, baby. Everyone has their own Vegas style. I just like to drink a little bit, sleep, eat steak on a patio, watch TV, and have unexpectedly painful pillow fights and wake up to a lamp in bed with me.

But... I think this is the perfect week to have off. On my last night in Vegas, which actually was this morning their time, I had a panic attack. I was out at a bar and was basically falling asleep, and then when I got home, I laid down and freaked the fuck out. My heart started racing, my brain was running in circles, I wasn't tired, I was uncontrollably angry, I kept tossing and turning and getting out of bed and getting back in and crying... and it was the weirdest feeling.

And when I woke up, all was well. Until I got off the plane and I was waiting at the airport by myself because Steve was rushing to get somewhere, and I had another one. Just a rush of panic and anger and racing heart. I had to sit on a bench next to this awful teenager screaming into her sidekick about this biznatch who was trying to facebook her boyfriend, and she wasn't getting the hint that he doesn't want her... so that I could come down from crazytown and rejoin the world.

Anxiety is just weird. And I'd love the week to sleep in and watch tons of TV on DVD.

But... after seeing The Leather Gang perform tonight - I know that I am in for the BEST few months of improvising... and Awkward Compliment is amazing fun times.

I like sharpies.

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