Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twitter, what.

I have a Twitter account (which I'm pretty sure I only made because Richie told me Tina Fey was on Twitter) and I always forget about it until someone "follows" me and I get the notification email.

Today I got notified that someone was following me and I didn't know who it was. So I checked out the person's profile, and I checked through the other people she follows to see if maybe we had some mutual friends.

No. We didn't. She's just following what happens to be EVERY BARRETT IN THE UNIVERSE.

Tom Barrett, John Barrett (not my dad), Lisa Barrett, Frank Barrett, Sam Barrett, and now, her new addition... Patty Barrett. There's like... 30 Barrett's! And those are the ONLY people she's following! People with the last name Barrett. And her last name ISN'T Barrett.

I wonder why. Maybe this girl loves the name Barrett and wishes it were hers. Maybe she has a weird fetish for the name. Maybe she likes someone with the last name Barrett and met them once and forgets their name so she's adding every Barrett in the universe to find her one true love. Or maybe she's just weird.

Oh well. As long as she stays away from this website, Barrett Rifles, then I'm okay.

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