Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Traveling

Today I had a meeting (because people with BlackBerry's do that) with my improv group, Awkward Compliment. It's hard having business meetings with comedians, really, because there's a lot of bits and a lot of playing around and not getting shit done. Even when I worked in the corporate office at IA - meetings were generally silly. They were definitely serious, but there were still a lot of bits and jokes and picking on each other. At least when Norm was there.

But, I walked into this past week with the frame of mind of keeping my shit together. And so, I did.

We met and discussed our future together. Shows, short sketches we're filming, photographs, press kits, website info, etc. And I took on the role of secretary like it was my job! (Which, it actually is my job... just... for an actual office that brings in money. Sometimes.) I started the meeting off by having everyone go around and say something good that happened! Matt filmed his first commercial! Duffy is healthy - according to his annual check up! Mark got a battery delivered to him by Triple A! Brian Dibello is thoroughly enjoying unemployment... he saw The Fray on Wednesday! And Casey... well, Casey's office hours changed to 8:30-5:30 (instead of 9-5) and doesn't get a pay increase. But, well, at least he's adorable.

My answer was that I booked a trip to Vegas and I will be leaving tomorrow. If that isn't good - then I don't know what is. Even though I forgot I was going until like... today. I was too busy getting things squared away at work/making Evan feel comfortable at work by completely bullying him/swooning over crush/talking inappropriately with Roberto.

Here are the best parts of going away:

Buying travel-sized toiletries. I can't get enough of them! I don't even know why I buy so many of them! And I mean, in general, I buy expensive shampoo! I have shampoo and conditioner that is $25 a bottle! Yet I still buy travel sized stuff because it smells good... or looks cool... or I think "Hey, I might need that" even though I NEVER use it in my daily life.

Going somewhere warm in the winter!
Sure, Vegas is not HOT right now... but I went when it was like 104 degrees and it was exhausting. I'll take 60 degrees over 12 degrees any day! The only bad part is possibility about not flying out due to snow, but we're not talking about that.

No work! I get a week off. A week of not dealing with waking up in the morning, having a bed time, being responsible. Even though I've taken some time to situate myself and get my shit in order - I can totally take off next week and do whatever I want. I have PTO time and I'm going to use it!

Packing. I love packing. I make lists of all the things I need to pack and then go through my wardrobe and plan outfits and figure out what I need and don't need and then end up packing too much and having to make sacrifices... oh, it's all so exciting! When I was young, I used to pack like, a week or two in advance... which was dumb because then I lived out of suitcases and had to re-pack.

Anywho, that was fun. I love you all and will miss you all. Evan, take care of Roberto for me. He's so fragile. And try not to get roughed up in the bathroom...

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