Sunday, February 22, 2009

All You Need Is Love

This past weekend I worked at IA both nights. That's never really all that fun because you lose your weekend and the weekend goes by like a speeding bullet because your busy the whole time. But, it's not like I do it every weekend, so whatever. I'll help a brother (or two) out when needed.

Everything happened. Two busy nights... rowdy customers, drunk assholes, the whole shebang.

And then I got groped. And then Kelly was told, "If I didn't have a fiance, I would totally fuck you." and then the GM and the ENTIRE CAST kicked the guy out. The cops came down, it was an ordeal. And like a second show for all the patrons! Everyone was so excited, they love the dramz.

But then I realized, when I saw the support, that although I complain about that job LIKE IT'S MY JOB... there's a reason I was there for so long. Because no amount of stocking bathrooms, shitty customers, incident reports from hurting myself, long nights, fights with customers and/or staff or actors... none of the bad things come close to the amount of awesomeness I remember and relate to that job. I know without having it I wouldn't be where I am today! I wouldn't have my job... I wouldn't have my friends... it's a great feeling to be supported and know that no matter what shit goes down under that CVS... good stuff happens, too.

For every bad show, there's a good show. For every bad customer, there's a good customer. For every bad memory, there are 100 good ones!

So, thank you IA... for making me the neurotic, crazy (but hard working!) alcoholic that I am! Be nowhere without ya!

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