Friday, February 6, 2009

Crabby Patty

Every single time I walk out of the dentist, I want to collapse on the ground in tears. And I mean every single time - whether it's a cleaning, root canal, fillings, general check in (all of which I've had in the past 4 months!) Safe to say, the #1 lesson I walked away with in 2008 was FLOSS. And I do. Every single day. Every second I can.

But I'm still paying the price for my fear of the dentist after getting my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago. Ouch!! Today I got 2 fillings - it cost $90 (and that's AFTER health insurance)

Usually, after dentist appointments, I'll take the rest of the day off work just because I'm mentally exhausted. I sit in the dentist chair shaking. My hands get all sweaty and I basically have convulsions. When I get out - I just want to go home and be in bed. Today, I chose to come back to work so that Evan wouldn't have to cover my desk all afternoon again.

But I look like I had a stroke. Roberto laughs at me when I talk. I went to get water and Evan told me to drink it over the sink in case I spit everywhere. I've been covering my face with my scarf and avoiding conversations with people - but when they directly speak to me, I have no choice. Only HALF of my face is moving!

It's the worst.

Hopefully it will be better by the time I go on stage tonight. Or else Awkward Compliment will be the most respected improv troupe in all the world for taking in a stroke victim. Either that or an overly-botoxed 22 year old. Or.. just someone who went to the dentist...


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Anonymous said...

I still love you! :)



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