Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Funny laughies!

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving recent times with all this comedy stuff? I've had conistent shows all over the place and it's very, very exciting because I love both of my groups very, very much.

I'm finally at the point where I feel like inviting people to shows. I mean, I've always wanted people to come but now I'm so proud and fond of these groups that it's like... probably the highlight of my career. Right? I can say that at 22, right?

So to all of the people who read this who don't actually DO comedy with me... or work in the vicinity where I do comedy... well, then, come check out my shows on Wednesday nights at 10pm. Sure it's late, but we're all young and powerful and can bounce back from a late night in mere hours with coffee and heroine!

10pm - Every Wednesday
Improv Asylum
216 Hanover Street
The North End
Boston, MA 02114
Next to CVS

For the most part, all these people are really talented. And shows kind of suck when there's no one there to laugh at them. And without encouragement we die. Like literally. I feel like improvisers are video game characters... and everytime no one laughs, a little bit of our energy/power bars go down... but when people laugh - it goes up until finally it hits the very top of the bar and then we're unstoppable - like Mario when he gets a star and he's all shiny and sparkly and superhuman!

Bad analogy?

Whatever... just come to the damn shows.

Love you all,

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