Monday, February 9, 2009

I Turn My Head To The East

My weekend was incredibly eventful and busy. I've got into this strange routine of "work week life" and "weekend life" where on the weekends, I'm still working, except it's towards something creative and fun and what I want to be doing all the time. Also, it's that part that's costing me more money than I'm taking in - but hey, it's all worth it.

I hung out with the guys from Awkward Compliment every single night from Wednesday to Saturday evening, and even last night for rehearsal. It was just constant shows, rehearsing, dinner, drinks, etc. But it was totally fun. We've been referring to it at our own "camp-prov" because we spent so much time together, got to know each other better, and we even had a dance party to end it all... which is the kind of stuff that happens at camp! I loved it.

It's weird to be the only girl in a group of guys. That's always been the case for me in improv I guess, it's always been a larger ratio of men to women, and I'm usually the only lady in a group... but it's more distinct in this one. I really enjoy it... it's so much less pressure and catty and there's less gossiping (OK, that's a lie, there's still plenty of gossiping) and just more bits. If you can't keep a consistent bit going - then you're not worth being friends with.

Sure, I drove into a snow bank. Sure, Matt doesn't remember taking me home on Friday night because he was so drunk. Sure, Matt Casey and I blasted "2-Become-1" in the car on the way home and sang our hearts out to every single word (along with "Dead and Gone" and "I Hate This Part") Sure, Duffy talked about rim jobs and tongue darting while a man spun naked on a pottery wheel.

Yup... but hey, that's Camprov 2009. Learn, laugh, love, COBITMENT.

Anyway - I'm excited for the multiple of projects and shows we have lined up. I love my little side life.

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