Friday, February 13, 2009

in MTV news.

Does anyone remember the show "Undressed" that was basically softcore porn (even softer than softcore porn... cashmere porn?) I just remember being like 12 and thinking it was so awesome! That's what college is like! Sex! Girls seducing men with popsicles!

These days, I don't watch unlimited (and often unwanted) amounts of MTV anymore because we don't have cable TV in the new office yet. And I'm so scarred by watching it all day for so long that I don't even think to turn it on at night.

Until I did.

What the fuck is wrong with MTV? Like, whatever. I'll deal with "The City" and "The Hills" because as much as I hate to admit it, I'm kind of interested in the *nothing* that happens on those shows. At the very least I can see what the kids are into these days.

Looking through their show line-up, here is what I think of some shows:

Bromance: Really?!?!?! I was driving by Rain nightclub (Townline Bowling) and there was a sign promoting Brody's appearance and I just got sad for the amount of girls who were texting their girls saying, "Put on your trashiest outfits ladies - we're going to MALDEN to see Brody Jenner!!!!"

NEXT: Worst show on television. Literally horrible. Girls are idiots for going on the show and it makes it 10x harder to feel sorry for them when guys say "NEXT" right away. (Although there was *one* episode I liked where this hot gay guy was asked out for a second date in the end and he said no because of the way the guy treated the gays before him. Loved it.)

Parental Control: I do not want to see parents on television setting up dates for their children. Horrible acting, referring to children as "hot" ... gross.

The worst part of all this mess is that I actually enjoy MADE every now and then. I'm a sucker for a good makeover show. And Run's House is kind of hilarious because Run is great. I've had conversations in bars about what happened on "The Hills"... non-ironically. And I watched the last episode of "Paris Hilton's New BFF" online when I missed the last episode because we moved.

I'm ashamed.

Hate it or love it... it plays an incredibly large role in our lives.

But remember when it was so good? Daria? I miss Daria.

Oh, and p.s. it's Friday the 13th. Watch out. A lot of bad stuff has already happened in my corner.


becky said...

listen up missy, brody jenner appearing at rain is the classiest thing that's happened to malden in a while.

Anonymous said...

This is the perfect opportunity for me to get all curmudgeonly and point out that MTV USED TO PLAY MUSIC VIDEOS!! GAH!!


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