Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jump Back on the Horse

This past weekend was good in the fact that:

I slept in for 4 days instead of 3.
I had dinner with Betsy & Evan at Silvertone
I saw Jules! (and the 2 Nicks) and we had drinks.
Two rehearsals: Leather Gang and Awkward Compliment.
Alison's last night.
I saw family.

But, I feel like it was all a blur. My uncle Billy passed away on Friday and a very sad weekend followed. I couldn’t concentrate on Saturday night (so I’m sorry to all the people who thought I was acting weird then) and Monday and Tuesday were awfully sad.

Stupid cancer.

Now I’m afraid that I’m going to unexpectedly come down with some form of cancer, considering it’s happened to a majority of my aunts and uncles. It’s in the family – all kinds – and sure I’m young, but you never know!

So now is the time to live everyday like it’s my last.

Even though I’ll probably do that by continuing to not ask people out, staying in to sleep instead of going out and having fun late at night, and, yeah… you get the gist.

Anyway, hope everyone’s President’s Day was awesome. More light hearted entries to follow... Like about how M.I.A is a terrorist!

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, the majority of our family died of lung cancer. (Barbara, Jimmy, Billy) And you don't smoke, regularly.


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