Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Patty and her gays.

For some reason, I collect gays. Gays love me! Is saying "gays" appropriate? Eh, whatever, my collection of gays don't care. Anywho, there have been several instances in my life where I formed crushes on guys, and they were either obviously gay or were gay and I found out later. Like, on more than one occasion. Gays just LOVE me - some to the point where they touch me, flirt with me, and even kiss me... and now I'm getting used to the fact that any guy who does that is probably gay (note: work holiday party) or just a weird friend of mine (note: Seriously Bent).

Anywho, that's probably why I'm absolutely in love with Neil Patrick Harris. I know he's gay! But he's so cute! And he sure ain't gay on "How I Met Your Mother"... and he plays such a convincing straight.

This is one of my favorite moments. God, do I love a good call back.

But if you like How I Met Your Mother, you should watch this. Hilarious!

1 comment:

Nick said...

"Weird" gay friend from Seriously Bent... oh you mean Nick Wilson.


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