Sunday, February 1, 2009


Does surrounding yourself with your goals, ambitions, and resolutions actually help you succeed in them everyday? I mean like, putting up index cards with quotes and post-its with "You will write for an hour today!". Does that actually help motivate you, or make you feel worse when you don't actually do anything?

Is it just me, or does nobody else want to have sex - nonetheless make a sex tape! - with Verne Troyer? Is that a thing? Are people into that? Doesn't it kind of feel like you're having sex with a baby?

Were we victimized growing up or did we victimize ourselves? Do we resent people because they actually did anything wrong - or do we resent them because of the way we felt about ourselves when we knew them, or went to school with them. Maybe all these "douche bags" and "bitches" we went to high school with weren't actually all that bad. (They probably were though, right? Yeah)

Why do people with curly hair want straight hair and vice versa? My hair's wavy and I opt for both depending on the day/laziness level. Why do we always want what we can't have, and not appreciate what we're given?

Why did I lose my Boston accent when I started working at a somewhat melting pot theater where nobody was really from Boston or the surrounding area? All of a sudden I say "Or-inge" instead of "AWE-RINGE" for "Orange" and "FLOOR-IDA" instead of "FLAWRIDA". R's are clearly pronounced. I mourn the loss of my Boston accent, it used to be prominent. (Though for some reason I say "rum" instead of "room" and can't pronounce "beer" or "bear" correctly to save my life.)

Working at IA has also helped me realize that nobody should be scared of the "normal" way of life. No one should be scared that they'll need to get married in their late 20's, have a baby, and do all of that stuff - because everyone I know is young, hip and still have no idea where they're going in life... and they're all at prime baby-making ages. Wait - is that good or bad? It comforts me nonetheless. I've got my whole life ahead of me!

And that is all, my dear friends, that I have for today. Adios!

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