Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I Like This Minute (Uh, oh, there it goes)

If there’s anything my sister and I have in common (and we actually have a lot in common) it’s that we both have slightly obsessive personalities.

Growing up, I was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, and she was obsessed with a sci-fi TV show that I won’t say because she might get mad at me. Then we met Harry Potter (although of course she met him in book FOUR before any other book – so the first 3 were basically ruined for her!) and then we met the Bluth’s… and How I Met Your Mother… and Gossip Girl… and she met Spashley, and I met Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon, etc. You get the picture (but I could continue on!)

We’re very passionate about things… until we lose interest. Both of us are also borderline ADD, so we lose interest… a lot.

So, when my work gave me the task of searching for and purchasing new office furniture (kitchen tables, comfy chairs, etc.) I took the challenge – and have since become *obsessed* with interior design.

I have scoured websites looking for the best (and cheapest) options. When I found bar chairs that I absolutely couldn’t live without – see above - that were a little more expensive than the budget – then I found everything else for a lot cheaper and still came in under budget. It was like I was on my own episode of Design on a Dime, or even like Supermarket Sweep.

I even got so excited about it that I researched going to grad school for Interior Design. (Since I don’t have a BA in visual arts, it would take me like 3-4 years, so F that.) But living the past few days running Patty Barrett Designs has been fun and exciting. (Of course, it's like Will & Grace, and Roberto is my Will... since it's all been taking place in my place of work that is not an actual design company. Damnit.)

It’s inspired me to re-decorate my apartment. I bought like six posters that I’m going to frame. And well, I’m going to pick up the endless amount of crap covering my tables and floors! Feng shui, indeed.

Also – I found a cool blog with apartment tips and stuff: Apartment Therapy, And by "found" I mean Evan sent it to me. Thanks, Evbot! I'll buy you this for to say thank you!

** So basically, if you have design needs and want to decorate your apartment or if you want anyone to plan your trips for you (oh, also I want to be a travel agent) then please contact me at Thanks!


Nick said...

So for my bedroom, I've been thinking about hot naked men... can you do that?

Anonymous said...

HI! Where did you find those great green chairs ?



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