Saturday, March 28, 2009

guinness straws.

Over the past month or so, I'm collecting mistakes. Or, rather, I'm collecting moments... that I'm not very proud of. I thought, "maybe I'll share less about my life and these not-so-proud moments can be swept under the rug!" No. When you make that decision, people still find out. I'm not the only one in this town with a big mouth, people.

Regardless, this morning I woke up feeling like... death. Nothing in the world could drag me out of bed. I had no motivation. I had liquor IN MY HAIR (from falling off a bed and having a cup of vodka spill in it) and I was in pretty rough shape mentally and physically. But, I had rehearsal at 10am. It was 9:56 and I had to get there... so I mustered up all the strength I could and stumbled out of my house to get there at 10:30 looking like a mess.

But, I'm SO glad I did. I thought I wouldn't be able to do improv without throwing up or crying on the back line. But I immediately was made fun of and shit on by my friends and well, it's what I needed.

We made prank phone calls. We did the SILLIEST scenes I've ever been a part of. And I had the most fun I've had doing improv in a while (I say that like... every week.)

And that's the beauty of Awkward Compliment. We've grown into this band of brothers. We've each dealt with a lot of tough shit recently, both as a group and personally, and we've always got our "ironic asshole" Thursday night TGIFridays night, and Saturday morning rehearsals, and Wednesday night house teams... so we spend quite a bit of time together - and help each other through shit by being total douche bags to each other.

Anywho, the best part is that I haven't totally fucked up my relationships with them yet and they still kinda like me and respect me (eh.... well....). So, it's like my new Seriously Bent. Except without all the crazy and weird stuff... eh, now that i think about it, there's no replacement for SB, really.

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