Friday, March 20, 2009

Here's the thing... (we started out friends)

Lady GaGa is turning 23 today, and that literally means nothing to me except for the fact that I'm turning 23 this year, too.

I'm troubled by this for so many reasons because it makes me think of the following things:

Um, Lady GaGa sings songs about falling down in clubs and drinking and makes money off it. I sing songs while falling down in clubs from drinking and I lose money from it.

The Olsen Twins are a month younger than me and 150x richer.

Should I be in a better place in my life? (I'm not sure the answer: I have a steady paycheck, a strong group of friends, a lot of fun: I've gone to Vegas twice and NY 5 times over the past YEAR, and I've got my little comedy thing on the side) It's not like I want to be married! 23 is an odd age to be...

When I tell people my age, they say "Really? No you're not!" Do I seem that old? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? (Mature is good! Looking old is not!)

Why the F do I know it's Lady GaGa's birthday?!?

And... yeah. Scene.

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