Friday, March 6, 2009

i am not a mexican!

You may all know Roberto from my Facebook page. He has liked every single on of my statuses since Facebook gave him the option. I once signed onto Facebook and had 97 notifications. They were all from Roberto.

You may all know from my daily life that I am a fag hag. The gays love me, and I love them. And I love them for loving me and they love me for loving them. And we looooooove each other...

He's from El Salvador, but I choose to call him a Mexican. And he's owned up to it.

But he's also planned out my life. And I'm pretty OK with it.

can you become a big star and then take around everywhere you go so the paparazzi can take pics of us together and spread rumors
and nobdoy will know who I am
but they'll talk about me like this
"and Patty Barrett-E was seen again with that handsome young mexican lad she travels with... who might can he be"
and well hold hands and walk around hugging each other like were humping
but one day
we'll tell the media Im gay
and MORE tabloids will talk about us
"patty barrett-E and her mexican gay hubby were seen around again in cali. drinking champagne on the street... at 9 oclock in the morning

Oh, and he's learning French so he keeps adding an E to the end of my last name so my last name is "Barrette" and not "Barrett"


Barrette All

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