Monday, March 9, 2009

"I'm gonna have a little baby Jonah!"

I don’t mind the time change because if I lose an hour, which I can sleep through on a Sunday, then who cares. Getting out at 5:30pm on a week night and having it be light for an hour or two extra makes up for it. The winter is so drab because when you get out of work and it’s dark, all you want to do is go home and sleep. Now we can’t do that!

Yesterday I got in at like 7:30 or 8am, some ridiculous time like that. I felt guilty and weird about it. I haven’t really strolled in that late in a while… and whenever I did it was because I was up to no good… whether it be walking around the city of Boston and visiting the seals outside the aquarium, making out in my car all night, or having a pseudo-orgy. I don’t know. Take your pick.

Then I woke up at 11:30. I slept very little. But, I got up and went about my day anyway because it was sunny and warm. I went for a walk, I did a little shopping, I read a book in the park. By the time rehearsal came, I crashed. So much so that I actually sat down in the Laughter Lounge at IA cause I was early for rehearsal – then accidentally passed out for like… 10 minutes.

But, the thing is, I really like times like that. Sometimes I love strolling in at dawn, sleeping until 1:30 in the afternoon (or getting up early even though you slept 3 hours so you can see sunlight). It makes me feel like a 22 year old… because more often than not, I feel anywhere from 13 to 97. I have awful bones… literally, awful.

I like spending time with really great people over sleeping enough to get me through a day. It’s the truth.

To make this post a little less end of a TV episode “moral of the story” – because my show is NOT ever and don’t you ever think that – here are some things to think about:

Matt and Dibello’s grad show is tonight and I’m really excited to see it. My grad show was one of the best experiences of my life. Sure, my improv was certainly not up to par… but the whole process of rehearsing and writing and stage blocking and having a professional-looking show that I created with some great people – it was awesome. I’d say best $1,500 of my life – but I didn’t pay for most of it (only paid $375.) But, it’s worth paying for anyway. Also – because of the House Teams – grad shows have gotten a lot better.

I don’t think Jimmy Fallon’s doing a good job – he’s totally awkward. But I still think he’s cute. Just for the record.

I bought $69 jeans for $15 the other day at TJ Maxx, and they’re awesome jeans. And if you saw how my face lit up when I discovered them and loved them… and if you heard me boast that they were “ONLY $15!”… then you’d know that I’m turning 100% into my mother. Frightening. And they’re 2 sizes smaller… double score for me.

And lastly, go fuck yourself New England.

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