Monday, March 2, 2009


I have a gift. A gift I’m sure everyone is jealous of… it’s that I get hit on by the creepiest of men.

Whether it’s 2am outside a train station, 3pm walking through the city of Everett, 9pm while I’m working or even 8:30am in a Starbucks!

This morning, it was a snowy mess – as I’m sure all of you living in the area should know. I got a ride into work, and we stopped at Starbucks in Boston. I ran in to the nearly empty Starbucks, give or take a few college students and 3 very bored Baristas. As I was heading out the door I hear, “Miss! Excuse me, miss!” So, I turned around and headed to the guy. I don’t know what I expected… but:

“I like you a lot. You have nice legs. What’s your name sweetheart?”

And I simply responded with, “I can’t, I’m sorry, I have to go.”

When I headed out and ran to the car I was full of worry and shame.

I was worried that I hurt his feelings; though I probably didn’t.

I was ashamed at myself for being so rude. At the very least I could have said, “My name is Patty. I can’t. I’m sorry. I have to go.”

My running total for 2009 has been about… 13 creeps. I’ve been inappropriately groped by strangers (oh and friends, but if I added them to the mix, there’d be way too many to count), I’ve been nearly raped in a cab, I’ve been hollered at, and I’ve been asked to roll my window down while driving for a guy to tell me he wanted to be in me. And I can guarantee all of these guys are… not my type.

And every girl has this problem, because these type of guys think it’s OK and normal to do this to every girl. But I’m sure they know how to handle it. I handle it with awkwardness, smiles, often leading on, and then I feel guilty and feel as though I should sleep with them because I feel so bad for being rude.

Yeah... that's probably what I should do. I'm going back to Starbucks.


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