Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Deep, Dark Secret

I Love Jimmy Fallon.

Yup. You heard me. Evan has seen the poster in my room of cut outs of nearly every magazine he's ever appeared in. I have a t-shirt. Although before this whole Late Night gig, he hasn't done a damn thing since SNL, or well "Fever Pitch" (which, yes, I stood outside of Fenway Park ALL NIGHT LONG on a cold April night in 2005 to get tickets to the premiere of that awful movie.)

Then, my friends, I got into comedy. And I hid the fact that I liked Jimmy because I didn't want my teacher (Professor Harry Gordon) to think I was only in that class because of my goal to be on SNL. (It was the reason. But it's definitely not anymore. I just love doing it.) In Level 2 I heard other people making fun of him... and I was like "Oh, shit son!" and then Jeremy made fun of him and I was like "DEFINITELY NO. I can't like this guy!!! He laughs at his own jokes!!! He's a DISGRACE to comedy!!!"

So, over the years, I've suppressed my love. And I totally get it, breaking on stage sucks. (Shut up Leather Gang)

But now, he's on Late Night. And to be quite frank, I love it and I STILL want to have sex with him. He looks adorable in a suit. The Roots were his band. The Conan bit was wonderful (probably because of Conan). I skipped over the game part because it embarrassed me. I loved Dinero parts... though he did talk about himself a whole lot. And Conan could do that and get away with it - because he's Conan and self-deprecating and it's great! But Jimmy clearly loves himself.

Um, and Justin Timberlake, yes. And Tina Fey tomorrow, double yes.

I wonder how long he'll get by on SNL references alone. (Though they make me melt... he's so retarded.)

I feel like this show was made specifically for me! If The Roots played "The Seed" while Tina Fey walked out tomorrow, I'd pass out.

My sister said:

That is so weird
Its like a show
made for you
and only you

Today our guest will be the Backstreet boys, Tina Fey, and Jeremy Brothers

That'll be the day. The day I die. From happiness.

So, there you have it. My deep, dark secret. I love Jimmy Fallon. He's incredibly stupid and this show will be terrible and I really miss Conan... but take it or leave it (and I'm sure you'll leave it) but I love Fallon.

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becky said...

i saw the first show. the roots = yes. jimmy fallon + people licking lawnmowers for cash = no.

maybe he'll grow to be less awkward with his monologues. or maybe carson daly will stage a coup. irrregahdless, conan's hair could kick jimmy fallon's ass anyday.


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