Sunday, March 1, 2009

Overheard this weekend...

There's something I will probably never learn: Keeping information about me to myself. I love attention, and that's no big secret whatsoever. I perform - and have throughout my entire life... so there's no way I am afraid of the spotlight. But, I also talk about myself a little too... openly.

But, I guess it's all right to talk to your good friends about what's happening in your life. What you've been up to, who you're humping, or who you just have a semi-giant, borderline creepy crush on. Right?

Well, maybe not.

Evan might tell people. Maybe people who know them personally. Maybe people who don't give a shit about you and could tell on you. MAYBE!

But oh well. I can't really blame him. Put a white Russian in his hand, and he sings the words of the world. And he was trying to help a sister out. I get it.

I guess I can't really blame people for telling things I tell them. How often do I hide what people tell me? Unless it's super serious, I get drunk off personal information. I love knowing people's shit - and telling other people who might find it remotely interesting. I don't do it to hurt people... I do it to have stuff to talk about. I've become the redheaded queen of gossip... well, besides Jeremy.

It's something I'm trying to control. But I know deep down, people love me for it. Totes loves.

Enough about other people! More about me! Highlights of my weekend:

- Sleeping
- Rehearsing (Kiley Fitzgerald hilarity)
- Filming a scene
- Accidentally napping on Casey's gross man bed
- Seeing my precious Julia
- Birthday lunch with Janine
- Watching Seriously Bent FINALLY win the title of #1 College Comedy troupe at Improv Boston's Beanpot!!!!

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