Friday, March 13, 2009

Patty Barrett, the brand.

Last week, my friend Evan got into the idea of up keeping the brand that is Evan Kaufman. He got a little bit more involved in Facebook, being selective, yet more open, on his profile. And despite the fact he never updates his Facebook statuses - we created a Twitter for him, and he has been updating and informing the world (or, just our group of friends) of his life. Now he’s considering a blog, which should be funny. (Kaufman All?)

It got me to start thinking about my brand, the Patty Barrett brand. Jeremy has been one to tell me (as my Made coach) that sometimes I mess up on this – maybe I paint myself as this alcoholic mess. So sometimes I’ll not blog for days because I feel bad about the way I present myself and then I re-think it and write a post about something dumb like bananas and how they’re delicious. (They really are, though!)

It’s a hard thing, representing yourself. If you’re a crazy, neurotic psycho bitch (Hypothetically speaking) – you have to try to conceal that in order for people to get to know, or like you. It’s like, if Pepsi is gross (Not hypothetical, it really is) it has to hide this fact with its branding! And, it does a good job, because sometimes they have cool commercials… and every now and then I fall for a good commercial. (But not for you, Pepsi! You can’t trick me!)

For the record, I’m not an alcoholic mess. I drink every now and then, and sometimes I make mistakes – but I’m a 22-year-old girl, who has a lot of fun friends, and 90% of those fun friends get into worse trouble than I do.

But, that’s it, how do you persuade people to like you? You want to be friendly, but not overwhelmingly so. You want to be funny, without offending anyone. You want to look nice and put together, without looking like you’re uncomfortable or trying too hard. (Tip: Don’t wear heels if you’re not a heel wearing type, or in a situation where heels suck, such as managing the Improv Asylum.)

We all have a brand and the trouble is making it a good one - one that people want to invest in. But I think I’m doing okay. It’s really just an interesting concept to me… personal branding.

My next step, the Barrett All doll.

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Erin said...

I'll buy you, Patty Barrett.


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