Tuesday, March 10, 2009

These guys, eh?!

Dibello, Babyface and Duffy’s grad show last name was pretty spectacular. Best grad show I’ve ever seen. And that includes mine (although… we did have a great after party last night, but it – IN NO WAY – compares to the after-party of mine!!! Am I right?!?!?!)

There were some pretty talented people in that show, and it was a really enjoyable hour and a half of my life… that I’ll never, ever get back.

Afterwards we all hung out at Goody’s, of course. People drank. Evan had one but was still pretty drunktown, clawing at my face and hair. I texted Casey repeatedly throughout the night… or Jeremy would hijack my phone and do it, too. Even though Case Face was right next to us.

We sang “Happy Birthday!” to Dan like, 3 or 4 times.

Then Jeremy texted 3 or 4 people the following text:

"For fuck's sake. I need a dollar. Or a sushi boat for one. Or a managed health care plan. Call me ASAP. I'm a faun and I need a buck."

And I got responses like, “I love you something fierce.” And “Love it.” But it wasn’t me. It just wasn’t.

Then Kiley and I talked about former flames, and she said what is now my favorite pick up line, “What does your tongue taste like?” She said it in passing, but I loved the sound of it. “Hi, I’m Patty – what does your tongue taste like?”

We tried to go to 2 other bars after Goody’s and they wouldn’t let us in. I don’t see why. What’s weird about a group of 12 people going out at 1:40am on a Monday night/Tuesday morning?

Sure, one was holding a bag with a fat suit in it. One was angrily yelling at a cab driver to stop beeping. A few were drunk, 1 or 2 were sober (Kelly and I). What’s wrong with that picture? Nothing.

And Kelly wasn’t even drunk, but got “cut off” at Durty Nelly’s. That guy was a dick.

And… well, everyone, that’s how a grad show night is supposed to go. Take classes at IA and you too can have this experience.


Nick said...

That sounds like fun. I'd like to try getting drunk someday.

Patty Barrett said...

No!! You're too young!!!!!!!!!!


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