Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Kind of Snobbery Is This?

Years ago, I would never consider myself a snob. I would consider myself the victim of snobby people. But that certainly wasn’t true. I wasn’t a victim at all – except of myself – and I was mainly a judgmental douche-cunt.

Like that episode of 30 Rock when Liz goes to her high school reunion and everyone hates her because she was such a bitch. It’s sort of like that… except, well, I doubt anyone would hate me for being a bitch ( I mainly kept all my hateful comments to myself… unlike some of my friends.)

But now, well, I’m a big ol’ snob.

Last week, while dining in New York, I got an email with an article from The Suffolk Journal (which, I won’t get into that publication…) about the Eat My Improv festival, hosted by Seriously Bent, that I took part in under the group titled: Secret Movie Club. The author said our “scripted material” got better as it went by, but she didn’t think we were all that great. Maybe if you knew the difference between a god damn “skit” “sketch” or “improv” then I’d trust your opinion.

Then today I was reading the Improper Bostonian and there was a blurb about improv. It said, “make up sketches on the spot” and I hated it.

It makes me think of all the rehearsals I’ve been in where we spend a good amount of time trashing other people, even commenting on certain scenes, and definitely remarking on other groups and theater styles (not just in Boston, either). The number of times we’ve made fun of improvisers who play sizzling bacon to start off a Harold. Yikes!

I’m a snob! I’ve been raised my SNOBS! We’re all high and mighty, entitled sons of bitches who think we know what’s best and fuck all the rest.

For a second I thought, “aw, I need to get the shit beaten out of me and taught what’s what” but… comedy is a harsh, harsh world and well, sometimes you gotta be a dick. I'm where I am today because of these d-bones :)

And sure... it crossed my mind that being a dick is the reason I almost got helped in the bathroom of a gay bar. But, well, I'd rather that than watch a scene with SIZZLING BACON!*

*Not true! Not true!!

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