Friday, April 3, 2009

Beautiful People.

Friday = yes. Gloomy = no. I was cold, I was inside my duvet cover (that keeps happening…), and I didn’t want to get out of bed.

Then I tripped up the stairs going to the T.

Then I went to a coffee shop and got a coffee, then I left, and then someone knocked into me and it fell all over the street.

I almost broke down and cried, but instead opted to go back and get another one. It was that kind of morning where I needed a coffee.

I walk in and the guy says, “Another one?!” and I said, with a sad look on my face, “Someone knocked mine over and it fell all over the street.”

When I was asked if I yelled at him, I said, disheartened, “I couldn’t muster up the strength.”

The girl next to me said, “What?!? That’s awful! I’ll buy your coffee!”

And the guy said, “No, no… I think this is a free coffee day.”

The woman ringing everyone up had a sad look on her face and apologized to me, and said how mad she was the person who knocked over my coffee didn’t offer to pay.

Then, the guy says in a whisper, “Want an extra shot?” You bet I did. I accepted… I accepted all the extra caffeine and pity I could get!

Then I was twittering (I like that better than “tweeting”) and the guy says, “Now, are you sure you just weren’t texting and it fell over?” Sir, you know me too well.

A woman spoke up in my defense, “No, I saw! She wasn’t!”

My mood was instantly lifted. People suck in the world, and we all have bad days, and I could have gone right to work (and been on time) and cried and pouted. But I felt really supported by these people who didn’t even know me. And I got a free coffee (Starbucks probably would have made me pay) and it was just a really great moment. Chivalry is not dead.

The world is wonderful sometimes when awful things happen.

Oh, right, and nobody really knocked my coffee over. I was texting. The lid came off and it fell everywhere. (I don’t know WHAT that lady saw…)

Nice all the same.

I'm awful.

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Betsy said...

You are the worst person I know.


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