Saturday, April 25, 2009


Every now and then, Chris Ingalls (the awesome husband of the one and only Liza Hostetler-Ingalls) will send me picture messages of little inside jokes, or random things from Target. I haven't got them in a while, but they used to make me crack up.

I call Chris "Chringy" to shorten "Chris Ingalls" and often call him "Chrings" when "Chringy" is too much to say. So, tonight, Chrings sent me pictures of him and Liza (Chriza)at a Friendly's in New Hampshire.

I have a soft (serve... GET IT?!) spot in my heart for Friendly's... in fact, Steve and I will go there every now and then and order food and make 15-year-old waitresses feel uncomfortable. A sample interaction would be:

Waitress: I dropped your cherry. I can go get you another one.
Me: You can't get a cherry back!

Anyway... tonight Chrings sent me pictures of them at Friendly's...

A Lizaribble!

A Chribble!

I miss Chriza a lot! Now that Liza doesn't work at IA anymore, I barely see them! (Except for a lunch date with Liza every now and then, or running into her at Borders!) I miss the days when Liza only worked in the box office, and when she'd do Saturday noon shifts, I'd go down and visit her and Chringy would come down after his shifts at Borders and we'd hang out and GET OUR KICKS!!

They're very much my favorite married couple & I want them to know I miss them very much! Let's drink Nocello and eat Mac n' Cheese soon!

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