Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm sorry - WHAT?

Apparently, a ton of crazy shit is happening at Chuck E. Cheese's all over the country. People are being fined for beating up mascots, and fighting with each other.

But, the slogan of Chuck E. Cheese is "the place where a kid can be a kid" Hm, okay. I remember commercials of bringing in your report card and you'd get free tokens or something to play all the games. I mean, the mascot is a cartoon mouse. I'm sure I had one of my birthday parties there when I was under 5 (actually, I never did, but I attended them)

NOW... one has been busted for selling alcohol to minors. So, it's one thing to work at a restaurant and not ID people and serve alcohol to like... a 19-year-old. But at Chuck E. Cheese?!? WHAT?

They're being faced with charges and losing their liquor license.

Why the fuck does Chuck E. Cheese even *have* a liquor license? Is it a hang-out for adults? Is there a bar attached for when the kids are in there playing and parents can have a good time?

None of it seems safe or normal. No wonder there are so many problems. It's a kid's zone!! Keep it that way.

Ya freaks.

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