Friday, April 17, 2009

Informational Clam

I’m a very curious person. Those who know me probably know that I love information. I love hearing it, sharing it, tossing it around the bay, and basking in the glory of it. I don’t like to hurt people; I just like being a center of knowledge. I’m your hub, or your beacon. In a foreign country, if you were lost, you’d find me! Your information center!

I’m done finding fancy ways to say I’m a gossip. I am Sylvia from “The Women” – which is a movie that I think about fondly after seeing it on Monday eve. (The 1936 version) It’s off to Reno for me!

But, what I’m trying to say it – it’s not just people in my circles that I’m curious about. I’m curious about everyone. I’m a people watcher. I was in Harvard Square on Wednesday night sitting in Starbucks waiting for someone – and I could have sat in there all night (if only) and just listened in on all the conversations around me! Including the awesome lesbian date.

Last night, I was at Friday’s with the boys (and Jonah and Tags! Yeah, it was crazy night!) and there was this couple sitting in front of us. They were talking and getting close and when the guy got up to go to the bathroom, she took out her phone from her tiny little purse. She opened it, went to her text messages, and deleted ALL. Then, she went to her address book – and typed in “My” and up came the following contacts: “My ex”, “My ex 1” and “My ex 2”! Then… she deleted THEM ALL!

Now, that’s funny, because do all girls do that? Like, when they break up with someone – or get into a fight with someone – do they change the contact name to something stupid? I usually take them out of my phone (which serves no purpose because I know their number by heart) or I write something like “Stupid Dick” as their name, so to remind myself why I text them or answer their calls (which serves no purpose because I still do.) But also – what was it about the guy she was with that made her delete all her exes from her phone? Was she finally moving on, or was she in denial? I should have asked her.

Then there was an older couple sitting at a table (the one we were eyeing and couldn’t wait for them to get the F up so we could sit!) and it looked like they were on a first date (tons of dates at TGIFriday’s on a Thursday night!) and Jonah saw it as she wasn’t interested, and the guy was. But I saw them both interested in each other… desperate for love… for something more than the boring life they were living separately. They’ve probably been divorced, or never married and were sad about it, and this was it! It was their time!

Man, Electric Lemonades get me riled up with curiosity!

I love T.G.I.Friday's Thursday! (Note Casey's brooding. such a dick!)

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