Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some of you may not know this… but I’m actually really nice.

I know, I hate to admit it. And I don’t believe it either, sometimes. But when in a professional setting (one that does not involve picking up beer bottles or dealing with drunk idiots) I can be quite pleasant!

In fact, I’m so pleasant that I have friends all over who actually consider seeing me… A JOY! A joy, I tell you!!

They say things like, “Every time I see you, you have the brightest smile on your face! I like that about you!” What?!? Me?!? Why, thank you Mary Beth, IA accountant!

And don’t even get me started on delivery guys (and girls) – they LOVE me. In fact, last week I was really sick, so I said to my favorite UPS driver, “Steve, don’t be shocked if you come by later and I’m gone. I’m hoping to head out early.” And then, when he got here to do the afternoon pick-up, he said, “What?!? You’re still here?! I would have brought some chicken soup for my favorite little sick sweetheart!”

That’s right. I’m loved. And I love them, too. My job can get monotonous – so I look forward to my little daily exchanges with frequent delivery guys (except the older Fed Ex guy, because he annoys me and lectures me. I know that I shouldn’t leave my phone or iPod on my desk when I walk away from it. Shut up, old man. But younger Fed Ex guy is HOT. So… he can lecture me all he wants.)

I met with one of the VP’s here yesterday, and we were just talking about things and I complained about something - and she goes, “Yeah, people come to you with dumb things, because you’re nice and people like you… and they know you’re gonna help them.”

That’s a different feeling! People liked me at my old job because I wasn’t nice. In fact, I’m pretty sure Jeremy started talking to me because I said something bitchy. Oh, and I’m definitely that. I’m definitely a bitch. Ain’t no doubt about it!

But through all the bitchy comments, the sassy attitudes, the snarky comebacks, the eye rolls, etc. I can actually be the type of person people feel like escaping to when they’re annoyed at work, or the girl who makes them smile because I’m always, dare I tell you this – smiling! Apparently I promote a pleasant work environment.

Well, it’s good to know that some of my friends and people in my life appreciate me for being a nice person, and not just the sassiest bitch in town! (Which, don't get me wrong, I enjoy being just as much!)

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