Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just shut your face.

So, my sister (that floating head in the above picture)… who we’ll call “Betsy” (mainly because that’s her name)… is graduating law school in about a month and a half. She interned at a firm in New York last summer, and was offered a job at the end of it – which she accepted. So she’ll be living in New York come fall making more money in a year than I probably *ever* will.

Well, with the current economy situation (heard of it?) it’s a tough job world out there. Some of her friend’s job start dates have been pushed back (some until 2010). Hers was pushed back a couple of days, or a week, or something. So right now, she’s good. And sure, rent in New York costs a lot of money, but even rent for a decent apartment is doable with her salary. But if my mom were writing this blog, this is how it would go:

“Betsy has a job in New York starting in October. Well, that’s if it’s still there! She’s making a lot of money… but they’ll probably take most of it out in taxes so it’s not like she’ll be making that much! The economy is so bad I wouldn’t doubt them taking away the job at all, or if she’ll even last without being laid off until next year.”

Thanks, Mom. That’s what every child wants to hear upon graduating… especially law school.

But my mother doesn’t quit with her negative attitude (which is becoming pretty unbearable these days…)

Every conversation leads to the downward spiral of the economy. When I tried to talk to her about my anxiety issues, she said, “Well it’s good that you realize it. You’re going to have to live with it though, just take them with you and move on.” Yeah, I shouldn’t get help for something that’s mentally eating my soul alive because nothing’s ever going to get better! I’m going to be miserable forever… but at least I *know* that.

Now, my mom has her own problems and reasons to be negative… (not even including the amount of vitamins she takes, cloves of garlic she eats or cod liver oil she drinks, or the homemade face masks out of Crisco, either)... I won’t get into them. But it’s times like these where I look at my parents and I think “Dear God, that’s where I get it.”

Anger issues, anxiety issues, drunk driving issues (is that hereditary?), passive aggression… they all come from my parents.

It’s not a fun moment when you look at your future dead on. It’s actually sort of terrifying.

Well, at least my mom’s pretty and my parent’s have both aged well. I’ve got that going for me.


Betsy said...

Genes made you a blonde. But you said "F that biology I want to be a red head". Genes made you shy and introverted. But you said "F that I want to put myself out there"

Maybe you have a little bit of the crazy in you. But you don't have to be anything you don't want to be.

Also a conversation the other day:

Me: "I don't even need an apartment in NYC until October 1"

Mom: "Probably more like January. If at all"


Betsy said...

Then again what do I know. I am only a floating head.


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