Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Guess what? We’re in a recession. And this fact finally caught up to me.

More so the realization that I have a spending problem caught up to me. I mean, I make a decent amount of money and I live rent-free, so I always thought “Meh, whatever!”

But no, it’s not whatever! Apparently, two trips to Vegas, a trip to Chicago, a trip to New York AND the addition of paying student loans… all in six months – well, it’s starting to catch up to me.

So, I decided to look through my bank account yesterday (what an awful eye-opener) and see what I spend money on.

Starbucks: $120
Going out to eat/drinks: $400
Commuting: $60
Loans/CC Bills: $400

I want to move to the North End (considering I might just stick around here for another year before shipping off to New York) so I want to cut down on costs.

Should I buy less Starbucks? Should I buy less shoes? Should I stop taking random 2-3 day trips just for the hell of it?

I decided to stop receiving emails from shopping places that keep offering me discounts to shop, because even though I’m “saving” on what I could have spent – I’m still spending! “Oh, $30 off $75!? That means I could get $75 worth of stuff and only spend $45!” But I still spend $45… and usually I spend more than that. $30 off of $90 is still $60.

As long as I don’t see the email – then I don’t know about it.

Though I feel like it’ll start becoming like Harry Potter – when he doesn’t receive his Hogwarts letter the first time (because the Dursley’s hide it from him) – they just pour in through the windows, fireplace, owls everywhere… until, of course, they escape to a remote island and Hagrid – tall, heroic Hagrid! – takes his umbrella wand and tells Harry that he’s a wizard!

Too much? OK

Anywho, I’m cutting costs. It’s the logical choice. Bye, Starbucks… for now.

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