Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank You For Being A Friend

The setting: A table in the upstairs lounge of Goody Glover’s.

The cast:
Patty “Rat King Throne Defiler” Barrett
Nick “Mandy” Mandella
Kelly “Fat” Dooley
Nick “Sunshine” Wilson

There we were… sitting at the table… ordering a round of drinks. Conversation got started, mainly about Sunshine Wilson’s sudden bout of happiness. And then, for a fleeting moment, the conversation led to the Golden Girls.

Mandy: I’d be Stan.
Wilson: You would be Stan! I’d be Blanche.
Me: Who would I be? I’m Dorothy, aren’t I? I’m not dumb enough to be Rose, nor am I slutty enough to be Blanche.
Mandy: Eh, I don’t know about that lately…
Me: Oh, please!
Kelly: I’m sort of Rose, aren’t I?
Me: Ha, maybe a bit.
Mandy: I’m Sophia…
Wilson: Yes, you are definitely Sophia!

So, there you have it. Four kids in their early 20’s sitting at a bar on a Sunday evening talking about which Golden Girl they’d be. It was a nice turn in conversation from what we generally talk about – sex, and drugs, and rock and roll, y’know.

Though I have to admit it’s kind of nice. A nice throwback to the days when everyone was a “Dorothy” or a “Blanche” instead of a “Carrie” or a “Samantha”.

For the record, if I were casting a "Golden Girls" remake with my friends (which, I’m now considering…) I would probably keep it the same as it is. Except I’d swap out Sunshine for Julia as “Blanche” and I’d put him in as Stan. That might actually be hilarious.

Also, instead of me, I’d probably put my sister as Dorothy. Mainly because it’s her life dream.

All right, that's enough, please join us later this afternoon for our Bake Sale for Wilson's Happiness in the Rose Kennedy Greenway.


Nick said...

STAN... not Sal!

Nick said...

Oh...and you're welcome!


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