Monday, April 20, 2009

This is a Braintree train, WHAT.

Over the weekend, I heard a funny thing that Jeremy said behind my back. It went a little like – “Now I know what happened to Patty… she was a goody goody before, and then she joined Seriously Bent and her life’s just been on a downward spiral.”

It’s funny because it’s true. And I’m not even in Seriously Bent anymore, and haven’t been for a year, so there’s no explanation for the direction my life is going... which is down. Well, to the outside it looks like I’m probably spiraling into a mess, but I’m actually doing pretty well for myself and I'm very happy.

Another thing Jeremy seemed to notice saying, “I feel like you’re here a lot more lately because Patty’s happy.” Regarding Julia’s visits to Boston.

And that’s very true. The saddest thing of 2008 was Julia moving to Wolfeboro. But I feel like I see her once a month, and probably – for my health, sanity, and for the prevention of the slow crawl towards alcoholic-mess – that’s probably a good thing. But F that, there’s never enough Julia!

Seriously Bent had their “final” show this weekend, and it was Nick, Mitch and Mandy’s last revue! So, it was a great show and a sad weird thing – because now technically, it’s just Trevor and Kelly holding up the ship that is slowly sinking and won’t ever be the same again. In 2-3 years, Seriously Bent’s going to be a completely different group… and the meaning won’t be the same.

But I can guarantee this, when that happens, the alums will probably be in the same place. So while the world moves on around us, we’ll all still be those seniors who won’t graduate and will still be acting like we did back then. Which is the scariest thought I’ve ever had.

I had a great weekend. Gang initiations and all. From Point A to Plan B: Regrets, Disappointments... Seriously Bent will forever be our tagline. I love Seriously Bent. Alwayz and 4eva.


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