Thursday, May 28, 2009

Awkward Compliment Comedy Night!

Tonight is the inaugeral night of Awkward Compliment's new weekly show at The Somerville Theater in Davis Square.

The boring details are that it's going on every Thursday night at 8pm. It costs $10, and it's only $5 with a student id.

The cool details? We're performing every week! We get to invite special guests to perform with us (this week it's "Don't Tell Mimi" (Jonah! McFarland! Brendan! Friends!) and the one and only DAVE BOZ doing stand-up! Literally - he's the funniest stand-up I've ever seen.) And we profit from it, if only a tiny bit. But nobody gets into comedy for the money, right? Right.

We're just getting it on its feet. But I suggest coming by to see a show one Thursday night!

Man, I've mapped out my summer and it is filled to the brim with performing. That's not a bad thing - it's kind of exciting. The current round of House Teams ends soon - so I plan on taking a mini-vacation before all the craziness starts up. I'll have NXT shows Sundays & Wednesdays, House Teams on Tuesdays and AC on Thursdays.

I don't hate it.

And oh yeah, the play is starting up soon! It's a Suffolk University production, so it's at a school... for the orientation of incoming freshman... which is weird. But it was written by yours truly, directed by Jeremy Brothers and is starring really great people like Trevor Livingston, Kelly Dooley and Cavan Rogers - so, you can definitely count on it being a good show! I cannot wait to see it! If it's as funny as the read-through... then I'm going to be one happy Patty.


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