Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come on! Come on! The House Teams are Here!

I’ve been doing improv now for FOUR YEARS. Four years! I never, ever would have thought improv would become such a huge part of my life. It’s basically the only consistent thing I’ve had going for the past four years (take or leave my unbelievable attachment to repetitive heartbreak)

Over the years as I've progressed, so have opportunities. When I first started, I took classes. And for 8-week periods I would meet the same people once a week and we’d learn. We learned how to agree, heighten, form points of view – and most importantly, take our hands out of our pockets and stop looking at our feet (whattup Level 2 Patty!)

I graduated in 2006, and in 2007 – the House Teams were formed! Then in late 2007, I joined Seriously Bent! Improv opportunities started opening up, and even though classes were over, I could continue to grow and hone my craft! Then Awkward Compliment came along, and now NXT – and well, the rest is history.

But I owe everything to the House Teams. They were there for me through it all! Bad hosting, horrible party quirk choices, Jeremy Brothers’ science project structures… I’d like to take this brief moment to pour a little beer in the street for, “Building 19” “DIHOP” “The A-Wipes” “Falcor the Destroyer” “Back Alley Grocer’s” “The Hi-5 Gang” “The Hi-5 Gang Minus Molly and With Jonah Whose Team Name I Can’t Remember” “No Mom Left Behind” and last but MOST CERTAINLY not least – “The Leather Gang”.

That being said, this House Team run really is the best. They are at the HEIGHT of their over 2-year existence and they are packed to the brim with incredible talent.

5 Reasons you should come see them?

1. The fashion – the newbies, “Sexy White Slaves” are dressed to the nines in all black. “Ghost Factory” is decked out in denim, and the Leather Gang surprisingly wears no leather, but Dibello has some pretty nice slacks.
2. If you’re tired of looking at Casey’s cute face – ladies, introduce yourselves to T.D.H. (and by “introduce yourselves” I mean “don’t”)
3. The hosting! Jeremy Brothers took on a side-kick and it’s Kiley Fitzgerald, and the two of them together equal comedy gold.
4. All three groups as a whole are fucking hilarious. You’ll enjoy every team – even the ones your friends (me!) aren’t on.
5. The Leather Gang. (It’s OK to favor your own team, right?) We’ve been together for six months, and 2 runs. I hold everyone on this team near and dear to my heart. You’re going to laugh no matter what, because we all enjoy each other so much. We execute incredibly bad improv decisions VERY well.

So I'll see you TOMORROW NIGHT AT 10!!

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