Friday, May 1, 2009

Gotta Have Some Fun, Show Ya How It's Done

I opted not to go out post-show with the boys in favor of going home, taking a shower, maybe getting some writing done, and sleeping. I did shower and I did sleep… until I woke up at 6am sick out of my mind. I had no good reason for being that nauseous – considering Monday and Thursday were my hungover days at work. But, it’s always better going into the office knowing you have to get through the day – but it’s the last day you have to get through.

I’m performing in my third show in three days. I love shows! (And I love that my life, and all my decisions about said life, is based on improv. Could I take on that new job and still perform at night? Maybe not? Then no.)

I sent in my (probably not) final draft for the play I wrote and its first read-through is on Monday. It’s been cast, written – and now it just needs to be acted! It’s going up next month and I can’t wait to see what Jeremy does to make it happen. And the fact that Trevor, Kelly and good friends are in is just icing on the STEW. (Because the show’s called “STEW and the City” – God, I’m funny. Er, no.)

A co-worker keeps asking me why he’s getting no mail stuffed in his box. He keeps saying things like, “Well, I’m not gonna mention any names, but the former Office Manager would give me random mail!” So today, I put all the extra mail I’d usually recycle in his box, along with a glove, a giant dictionary, and a screwdriver. Take that for heightening.

Also, Judah Friedlander is following me on Twitter. I wasn't following him. How did he find me?!? I'm a curious cat...

There’s probably going to be some great episodes of Sabrina and Boy Meets World on T.G.I.F tonight, for sure! And only one day left until SNICK!

AH, Friday! I want to make out with you so hard.

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