Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Awkward Compliment, your favorite local improv troupe, is now the proud owner (without actually owning) of a 32-seat-movie-theater-style venue at the Somerville Theater in Davis Square.

I’m so fucking excited!

Our room is basically a small screening room - like the kind you’d see on an episode of Cribs, where rich parents give their kids their own mini-movie theaters. It’s got 32 seats, a stage, a projector screen, a good sound system, stage lighting, and there’s a bar! There’s also a reception area (the Museum of Bad Art) for us all to hang out in afterwards.

The GM of the theater is allowing us to use the space every Thursday night at 8 o’clock. He wanted to use the room for something new and fun – as right now he’s just screening Slumdog Millionaire in the space a few nights a week. He’s not charging us anything – and we get 70% of the door. Which, for us, is beer money. Or in our case, T.G.I.Friday’s money.

We’ll be having other acts – stand-up, improv, anything really and it’ll cost $10 (and $5 for students). The space is RIGHT next to the T – and in a fun area. We have basically everything we could EVER have asked for. We have a good space, that is already known and popular, and we’re getting paid to do improv.

I cannot wait to fail miserably at this.

But anyway, set your calendars and come to the premiere night of Awkward Compliment’s weekly showcase at The Somerville Theater in Davis Square on Thursday May 28th at 8pm!

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