Monday, May 4, 2009

I Ain't Scared of No Ghost (Kinda)

I walk a fine line between loving being scared, and absolutely despising it.

For example, there are times when I think it’s funny working down at the theater and hearing noises (that don’t involve mouse squeaks or rat squeals) of walking, running, bottles falling, old-timey music playing through the walls, whispers… it’s terrifying, but fun at the same time. Even more fun when you decide to name the ghost Madge and make friends with her.

Recently, Steve sent me a list of haunted places in Massachusetts. Some of them are ridiculous – or off-limits (like boarded up hospitals, mental institutions, old schools) and some of them are just open areas like graveyards or streets or alleys.

We decided to go to one of the spots, Penny Lane in Malden, and see if we could see anything. The story goes that a little boy was hit by a truck on the alley. Supposedly, you can see the ghost of the little boy underneath a sign, and you can see the headlights of the truck behind you.

So, at 3:30 AM a couple of weeks ago – we drove out to Penny Lane. It’s this weird little lane next to a forest across from Rain night club and Town Line bowling. So, I turn up and immediately get freaked out. There’s a little bit of light from street lights – but the main source of light comes from Broadway. And while we didn’t see a little boy under a sign, we did see 2 bright headlights in the rear view mirror. I got freaked out (because it looks exactly like truck headlights) but it was just the street lights from down the street. Bummer.

But it’s still the freakiest thing. Once you pass a certain point, there’s NO light in the rear view mirror and it’s just pitch black. All the houses are either boarded up, or have no house lights on, and there are 1,000 potholes on the street. You have to drive very slowly so you don’t pop a tire, and you can hear movement in the forest next to you, and it’s dark and I almost had a heart attack.

We returned last night around 11pm, so much earlier and people were still awake. But, there was a random, rusty, old box on the side of the road… which was freaky. And I definitely heard something running in the forest. Could have been a deer, but maybe it was a little boy! I still got really freaked out.

I hate it and I love it so much. Like, as much as I was TERRIFIED when the green room door decided to LOCK on me (despite the fact it couldn’t even CLOSE at that point) or when Mike’s head shot fell off the wall and everything behind the bar crashed to the ground… it’s still one of the greatest stories and coolest feelings.

But don’t ask me to watch a scary movie. I can’t even take a shower without thinking someone’s going to kill me as soon as I close my eyes to wash shampoo out of my hair. Eek.

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