Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Egg Face

Some of you probably spent your Memorial Day weekend away… having barbeques… lying on the beach… wearing white. Well, I did wear white, but I stayed home. I didn’t have a barbeque, or barbeque-related food, and I stepped nowhere near a beach.

I did nap, though. Like once a day. Well, you need a nap when you spend your entire day lying on the couch watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 while trying to beat your Brick breaker score!

But, the most fantastic part of the weekend? I’d have to say is the egg-white facial! (Maybe not the MOST fantastic part…)

Now, I’ve probably mentioned this before – but I don’t eat eggs. (And why wouldn’t I mention that!? Out of all the interesting things about me – this takes the cake.) I’ve never put an egg in my mouth, unless it was in a baked good. They kind of freak me out. And it’s not that they look gross, because sometimes they both look and smell delicious… but there’s just something about eggs that rub me the wrong way.

But I read in a blog that whipping an egg white into foam and then applying it to your face for roughly 10-15 minutes (until it hardens) does wonders for your face. So, I made my sister do it first. And when she didn’t freak out – I decided to do it, too.

I don’t know what it did – but my face is significantly softer. And I added lemon juice in it (it was an optional add-in) just in case the smell was gross. Overrall, I’m pretty happy with the results of eggs on my face, maybe someday I’ll try to eat one and reap its healthy benefits.

So… I did that. And tonight I will be at my Leather Gang show with a glow!

You should do it too! Let's all glow together!

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