Friday, May 8, 2009

This Panera Bread... Live!

On Wednesday night I stayed out until 5:30am. Now, I have a day job, remember that. And not only a day job, but that day I had a morning dentist appointment for a filling. So I had to wake up early and get my teeth drilled while being hungover. Not the best mix. But, I made it through.

My only goal for Thursday was to go straight home after work and sit on my couch all night long. I've been out every single night so it was needed. And as I was settling into my "What Not To Wear" marathon, Jeremy called.

Jeremy: What are you doing?
Me: Watching "What Not To Wear"
Jeremy: I thought I told you to go to "This American Life... Live"
Me: Yeah, but that was like 2 weeks ago! How am I supposed to remember that?

After some more refusing, and then more prodding, I ended up driving into the city to meet the kids.

We took the green line to Kenmore, worked our way through hundreds of Red Sox fans, and somehow made it to the theater. It was sold out. And unlike Jeremy, we couldn't see anyone sitting around selling tickets to it. Nor did we really look that hard. But - we never did get to see it.

Our adventure night turned into the 3 of us sitting in Panera for roughly 3 hours. Talkin' bout things -- our lives, our careers, our future, improv, jet packs, etc. while Kelly consumed more food than everyone in the establishment combined. Which was funny, coming from the girl who said the previous night, "I'm getting a Rum and Diet coke, I need to watch my calorie intake. My ass is getting huge!"

If you've seen Kelly, you'll find that statement hilarious. And if her ass is getting huge, well then, it's only making her more hot!

So, I'm sorry Jeremy. I didn't get to see it and make my blog more interesting with tears and laughter of joy and sadness. But - I did have a nice night with Nick and Kelly that didn't involve alcohol or bad decisions. Proud?

Also, while sitting there talking... I couldn't stop thinking of how happy I've been lately. Wilson was talking about his depression, and the different ways we react/deal with our depression, and even though the subject was negative, it was raining out, the humidity was ruining everything, and I kept being ridiculed -- nothing could get me down. My inner self was glowing like a Cullen on a sunny day (TWILIGHT REFERENCE! TAKE IT!) That's really... weird. Strange. Offputting.

Give it a week.

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